Infinity Tower

We are Green

Smart Design For Eco-Friendly Structure

Without compromising on design and aesthetics, Infinity Tower is being built on a framework of environment-friendly. The striking facade of Infinity Tower embodies a strong ecological concept for today's demanding times.
Green Building Features & Benefits
Ample parking for owners and visitors
Great connectivity and availability of all basic amenities
High performance building construction
Ample daylight and ventilation
Rainwater harvesting
Water smart by installing low flow plumbing fixtures
No Smoking Zone
Use of low VOC Paints, adhesives and seal
Green education and a provision of manual to all the residents describing all features and information about the project and its green features.
Commissioning of all systems installed in the project
Provision of energy and water meters for measurement and verification of the consumption for different utilities
Use of materials which are renewable, have recycled content and are regional
Waste segregation at source